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What we do

What is the innovation all about?

Digitization in agriculture is making significant progress. One unsolved problem so far are the different and customized developments that are used for the data exchange, for instance between machine and software products of different manufacturers. We have a solution for this.


Our data hub is based on cooperation in a spirit of partnership. Together achieving goals that benefit all describes the core of our work. New partners are always welcome. This applies to large companies just as much as to freelance app developers. Don’t hesitate to speak to us.


the agrirouter on the deLuTa

On 5 and 6 December we will present the agrirouter at the DeLuTa exhibition in Bremen. We are looking forward to presenting the solution of a core problem in daily …

agrirouter connect 2018

The agrirouter connect 2018 event on 17 and 18 October at the Kiekeberg Open Air Museum near Hamburg was a complete success. For the first time, the agrirouter was able …